Dick's Testing Server

Thanks for visiting here. This is my first attempt at setting up a Ubuntu server. Eventually it should be hosting a Mail, OpenVPN, RADIUS, Plex, ownCloud and of course, an Apache Web Server.

I am attempting to accomplish this using a dual core HP with two (but soon to be four) Gigabytes of memory. So far at least the web server appears to be working but this is only one domain being hosted. Hopefully I will be porting frankson.org over to this server.

That site was originally created using Microsoft Front Page and seeing that I'm hosing on a Linux box I doubt it's going to work, so I suppose I'm going to have to see what is involved. I suppose that's the way everything goes when one is learning.

It has been an interesting learning experience so far and hopefully it will end up being really cool. Why would one want to host their own stuff instead of just paying someone to host it? Because I can.
Anyway, thanks again for visiting and look back here as there may be something cool. Doubt It, but you never know.

 Update: I have installed the four Gigabytes of memory and have thus far succeeded in adding a
Plex, ownCloud, and OpenVPN server as well as configuring my Apache Web Server. I also now have frankson.org ported to the server and a temporary landing page.
Until next time...